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Reggae Hotel is the leading provider of unique Reggae Genre Centered Tourism Experiences at prestige locations and International destinations. We host intimate concerts, comedy nights, culinary events, cruises, city breaks and more. Each getaway offers a reggae centred itinerary designed to entertain and provide exceptional value — all while immersing you in a vibrant destination.

We Don't Host events..
We Create fond memories..

Memorable Events

The events are unique. Members only and always memorable. So come and spend some quality time with a loved one. Taste the best Caribbean cuisine. Listen to classic music from your youth. Meet up with friends and family. Whatever the occasion Reggae Hotel will help you create memories you’ll remember forever.

Exceptional Value

Our events are tailored to meet a broad range of attendees.  We created Reggae Hotel in 2023 to offer you the best reggae experience whatever destination you choose.  We select the most beautiful locations around the world, where you can create unforgettable moments with your loved ones.

Amazing Caribbean food experiences

Caribbean cuisine is famous all over the world; praised for its tasty dishes, spicy ingredients and colourful chefs, it is so much more than a plate of jerk chicken & festival.  Follow us as we bring dishes from across all regions of the Caribbean to our events. Discover experienced and upcoming chefs in a fine dining setting. Reggae Hotel also hosts culinary experiences throughout the calendar that will delight you and your invited guests.

Highest standards of Service and Quality

A dedicated team of event co-ordinators on-site in all our destinations to ensure that every detail of your experience is perfect.  They are available at any time to assist you during your stay. A dedicated Event Coordinator will organize all pre-arrival details, host your visit, and fill special requests.

Each event location offers a specially created itinerary immersed in quality for attendee satisfaction and value — all while immersing you in everything a vibrant destination has to offer.